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Prysmian Cable Glands

BICON Components Cable Glands

U420PCG52 / 420PCG52 Prysmian 420PCG52 Economy BW Gland Kit 20(S)mm
U420PCG53 / 420PCG53 Prysmian 420PCG53 Economy BW Gland Kit 20 mm
U420PCG55 / 420PCG55 Prysmian 420PCG55 Economy BW Gland Kit 25mm
U420PCG56 / 420PCG56 Prysmian 420PCG56 Economy BW Gland Kit 32mm
U420PCG57 / 420PCG57 Prysmian 420PCG57 Economy BW Gland Kit 40mm
U420PCG59 / 420PCG59 Prysmian 420PCG59 Economy BW Gland Kit 50mm
U420PCG61 / 420PCG61 Prysmian 420PCG61 Economy BW Gland Kit 63mm
U420PCG63 / 420PCG63 Prysmian 420PCG63 Economy BW Gland Kit 75 mm
U422PCG52 / 422PCG52 Prysmian 422PCG52 Economy CW Gland Kit 20 (S) mm
U422PCG53 / 422PCG53 Prysmian 422PCG53 Economy CW Gland Kit 20mm
U422PCG55 / 422PCG55 Prysmian 422PCG55 Economy CW Gland Kit 25mm
U422PCG56 / 422PCG56 Prysmian 422PCG56 Economy  CW Gland Kit 32mm
U422PCG57 / 422PCG57 Prysmian 422PCG57 Economy CW Gland Kit 40mm
U422PCG59 / 422PCG59 Prysmian 422PCG59 Economy  CW Gland Kit 50mm
U422PCG61 / 422PCG61 Prysmian 422PCG61 Economy  CW Gland Kit 63mm
U422PCG63 / 422PCG63 Prysmian 422PCG63 Economy CW Gland Kit 75mm
UKA41052 / KA41052 Prysmian KA41052 BW Gland Kit 20s
UKA41053 / KA41053 Prysmian KA41053 BW Gland Kit 20 mm
UKA41055 / KA41055 Prysmian KA41055 BW Gland Kit 25mm
UKA41056 / KA41056 Prysmian KA41056 BW Gland Kit 32mm
UKA41057 / KA41057 Prysmian KA41057 BW Gland Kit 40mm
UKA41059 / KA41059 Prysmian KA41059 BW Gland Kit 50mm
UKA41061 / KA41061 Prysmian KA41061 BW Gland Kit 63mm
UKA41062 / KA41062 Prysmian KA41062 BW Gland Kit 75 (S)mm
UKA41063 / KA41063 Prysmian KA41063 BW Gland Kit 75 mm
UKA41971 / KA41971 Prysmian KA41971 CW Gland Kit 20 (SS) mm
UKA41952 / KA41952 Prysmian KA41952 CW Gland Kit 20 (S) mm
UKA41953 / KA41953 Prysmian KA41953 CW Gland Kit 20mm
UKA41955 / KA41955 Prysmian KA41955 CW Gland Kit 25mm
UKA41956 / KA41956 Prysmian KA41956 CW Gland Kit 32mm
UKA41957 / KA41957 Prysmian KA41957 CW Gland Kit 40mm
UKA41958 / KA41958 Prysmian KA41958 CW Gland Kit 50 (S) mm
UKA41959 / KA41959 Prysmian KA41959 CW Gland Kit 50mm
UKA41961 / KA41961 Prysmian KA41961 CW Gland Kit 63mm
UKA41963 / KA41963 Prysmian KA41963 CW Gland Kit 75mm
UKM40971 / KM40971 Prysmian KM40971 A1/A2 Gland Kit 20(SS)mm
UKM40952 / KM40952 Prysmian KM40952 A1/A2 Gland Kit 20(S)mm
UKM40953 / KM40953 Prysmian KM40953 A1/A2 Gland Kit 20mm
UKM40955 / KM40955 Prysmian KM40955 A1/A2 Gland Kit 25mm
UKM40956 / KM40956 Prysmian KM40956 A1/A2 Gland Kit 32mm
UKM40957 / KM40957 Prysmian KM40957 A1/A2 Gland Kit 40mm
UKM40958 / KM40958 Prysmian KM40958 A1/A2 Gland Kit 50(S)mm
UKM40959 / KM40959 Prysmian KM40959 A1/A2 Gland Kit 50mm
UKM40960 / KM40960 Prysmian KM40960 A1/A2 Gland Kit 63(S)mm
UKM40961 / KM40961 Prysmian KM40961 A1/A2 Gland Kit 63mm
UKM40962 / KM40962 Prysmian KM40962 A1/A2 Gland Kit 75(S)mm
UKM40963 / KM40963 Prysmian KM40963 A1/A2 Gland Kit 75mm
U422LSF71 / LSF20SSCW Prysmian LSF20SSCW CW LSF Gland Kit 20(SS)mm
U422LSF52 / LSF20SCW Prysmian LSF20SCW CW LSF Gland Kit 20(S)mm
U422LSF53 / LSF20CW Prysmian LSF20CW CW LSF Gland Kit 20mm
U422LSF55 / LSF25CW Prysmian LSF25CW CW LSF Gland Kit 25mm
U422LSF56 / LSF32CW Prysmian LSF32CW CW LSF Gland Kit 32mm
U422LSF57 / LSF40CW Prysmian LSF40CW CW LSF Gland Kit 40mm
U422LSF58 / LSF50SCW Prysmian LSF50SCW CW LSF Gland Kit 50(S)mm
U422LSF59 / LSF50CW Prysmian LSF50CW CW LSF Gland Kit 50mm
U422LSF61 / LSF63CW Prysmian LSF63CW CW LSF Gland Kit 63mm
U422LSF63 / LSF75CW Prysmian LSF75CW CW LSF Gland Kit 75mm
U420LSF52 / LSF20SBW Prysmian LSF20SBW BW LSF Gland Kit 20(S)mm
U420LSF53 / LSF20BW Prysmian LSF20BW BW LSF Gland Kit 20mm
U420LSF55 / LSF25BW Prysmian LSF25BW BW LSF Gland Kit 25mm
U420LSF56 / LSF32BW Prysmian LSF32BW BW LSF Gland Kit 32mm
U420LSF57 / LSF40BW Prysmian LSF40BW BW LSF Gland Kit 40mm
U420LSF59 / LSF50BW Prysmian LSF50BW BW LSF Gland Kit 50mm
U420LSF61 / LSF63BW Prysmian LSF63BW BW LSF Gland Kit 63mm
U420LSF62 / LSF75SBW Prysmian LSF75SBW BW LSF Gland Kit 75(S)mm
U420LSF63 / LSF75BW Prysmian LSF75BW BW LSF Gland Kit 75mm
U423LSF71 / 423LSF71 Prysmian 423LSF71 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 20(SS)mm
U423LSF52 / 423LSF52 Prysmian 423LSF52 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 20(S)mm
U423LSF53 / 423LSF53 Prysmian 423LSF53 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 20mm
U423LSF55 / 423LSF55 Prysmian 423LSF55 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 25mm
U423LSF56 / 423LSF56 Prysmian 423LSF56 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 32mm
U423LSF57 / 423LSF57 Prysmian 423LSF57 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 40mm
U423LSF58 / 423LSF58 Prysmian 423LSF58 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 50(S)mm
U423LSF59 / 423LSF59 Prysmian 423LSF59 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 50mm
U423LSF60 / 423LSF60 Prysmian 423LSF60 A1/A2 LSF Gland 63(S)mm
U423LSF61 / 423LSF61 Prysmian 423LSF61 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 63mm
U423LSF62 / 423LSF62 Prysmian 423LSF62 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 75(S)mm
U423LSF63 / 423LSF63 Prysmian 423LSF63 A1/A2 LSF Gland Kit 75mm
U421AA71 / E1W20SSK Prysmian E1W20SSK E1W Gland Kit 20(SS)mm
U421AA52 / E1W20SK Prysmian E1W20SK E1W Gland Kit 20(S)mm
U421AA53 / E1W20K Prysmian E1W20K E1W Gland Kit 20mm
U421AA55 / E1W25K Prysmian E1W25K E1W Gland Kit 25mm
U421AA56 / E1W32K Prysmian E1W32K E1W Gland Kit 32mm
U421AA57 / E1W40K Prysmian E1W40K E1W Gland Kit 40mm
U421AA58 / E1W50SK Prysmian E1W50SK E1W Gland Kit 50(S)mm
U421AA59 / E1W50K Prysmian E1W50K E1W Gland Kit 50mm
U421AA60 / E1W63SK Prysmian E1W63SK E1W Gland Kit 63(S)mm
U421AA61 / E1W63K Prysmian E1W63K E1W Gland Kit 63mm
U421AA62 / E1W75SK Prysmian E1W75SK E1W Gland Kit 75(S)mm
U421AA63 / E1W75K Prysmian E1W75K E1W Gland Kit 75mm
UKA41371 / KA41371 Prysmian KA41371 E1W Gland Kit 20(SS)mm
UKA41352 / KA41352 Prysmian KA41352 E1W Gland Kit 20(S)mm
UKA41353 / KA41353 Prysmian KA41353 E1W Gland Kit 20mm
UKA41355 / KA41355 Prysmian KA41355 E1W Gland Kit 25mm
UKA41356 / KA41356 Prysmian KA41356 E1W Gland Kit 32mm
UKA41357 / KA41357 Prysmian KA41357 E1W Gland Kit 40mm
UKA41358 / KA41358 Prysmian KA41358 E1W Gland Kit 50(S)mm
UKA41359 / KA41359 Prysmian KA41359 E1W Gland Kit 50mm
UKA41360 / KA41360 Prysmian KA41360 E1W Gland Kit 63(S)mm
UKA41361 / KA41361 Prysmian KA41361 E1W Gland Kit 63mm
UKA41362 / KA41362 Prysmian KA41362 E1W Gland Kit 75(S)mm
UKA41363 / KA41363 Prysmian KA41363 E1W Gland Kit 75mm
U432LSF55 / 432LSF55 Prysmian 432LSF55 CW Aluminium LSF Gland Kit 25mm
U432LSF56 / 432LSF56 Prysmian 432LSF56 CW Aluminium LSF Gland Kit 32mm
U432LSF57 / 432LSF57 Prysmian 432LSF57 CW Aluminium LSF Gland Kit 40mm
U432LSF59 / 432LSF59 Prysmian 432LSF59 CW Aluminium LSF Gland Kit 50mm
U432LSF61 / 432LSF61 Prysmian 432LSF61 CW Aluminium LSF Gland Kit 63mm
U421LSF71 / LSF20SSE1W Prysmian LSF20SSE1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 20(SS)mm
U421LSF52 / LSF20SE1W Prysmian LSF20SE1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 20(S)mm
U421LSF53 / LSF20E1W Prysmian LSF20E1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 20mm
U421LSF55 / LSF25E1W Prysmian LSF25E1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 25mm
U421LSF56 / LSF32E1W Prysmian LSF32E1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 32mm
U421LSF57 / LSF40E1W Prysmian LSF40E1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 40mm
U421LSF58 / LSF50SE1W Prysmian LSF50SE1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 50(S)mm
U421LSF59 / LSF50E1W Prysmian LSF50E1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 50mm
U421LSF60 / LSF63SE1W Prysmian LSF63SE1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 63(S)mm
U421LSF61 / LSF63E1W Prysmian LSF63E1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 63mm
U421LSF62 / LSF75SE1W Prysmian LSF75SE1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 75(S)mm
U421LSF63 / LSF75E1W Prysmian LSF75E1W E1W LSF Gland Kit 75mm
U403AT51 / 403AT51 Prysmian 403AT51 M16 Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403AT52 / 403AT52 Prysmian 403AT52 M20S Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403AT53 / 403AT53 Prysmian 403AT53 M20 Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403AT55 / 403AT55 Prysmian 403AT55 M25 Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403AT56 / 403AT56 Prysmian 403AT56 M32 Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403AT57 / 403AT57 Prysmian 403AT57 M40 Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403AT59 / 403AT59 Prysmian 403AT59 M50 Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403AT61 / 403AT61 Prysmian 403AT61 M63 Nylon EExe ATEX Gland & Nut
U403PR52 / FP2520R Prysmian FP2520R M20s GLAND (RED)
U403PW52 / FP2520W Prysmian FP2520W M20s GLAND (WHITE)
U429AA51 / 429AA51 Prysmian 429AA51 Brass Backnut 16mm
U429AA53 / 429AA53 Prysmian 429AA53 Brass Backnut 20mm
U429AA55 / 429AA55 Prysmian 429AA55 Brass Backnut 25mm
U429AA56 / 429AA56 Prysmian 429AA56 Brass Backnut 32mm
U429AA57 / 429AA57 Prysmian 429AA57 Brass Backnut 40mm
U429AA59 / 429AA59 Prysmian 429AA59 Brass Backnut 50mm
U429AA61 / 429AA61 Prysmian 429AA61 Brass Backnut 63mm
U429AA63 / 429AA63 Prysmian 429AA63 Brass Backnut 75mm
U429AA64 / 429AA64 Prysmian 429AA64 Brass Backnut 85mm
U429AA65 / 429AA65 Prysmian 429AA65 Brass Backnut 90mm
UKCA47371 / KCA47371 Prysmian KCA47371 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 20ssmm
UKCA47352 / KCA47352 Prysmian KCA47352 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 20smm
UKCA47353 / KCA47353 Prysmian KCA47353 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 20mm
UKCA47355 / KCA47355 Prysmian KCA47355 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 25mm
UKCA47356 / KCA47356 Prysmian KCA47356 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 32mm
UKCA47357 / KCA47357 Prysmian KCA47357 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 40mm
UKCA47358 / KCA47358 Prysmian KCA47358 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 50smm
UKCA47359 / KCA47359 Prysmian KCA47359 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 50mm
UKCA47360 / KCA47360 Prysmian KCA47360 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 63smm
UKCA47361 / KCA47361 Prysmian KCA47361 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 63mm
UKCA47362 / KCA47362 Prysmian KCA47362 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 75smm
UKCA47363 / KCA47363 Prysmian KCA47363 E1XF EExd IIC Gland Kit 75mm
UKM49471 / A2EX20SSK Prysmian A2EX20SSK A2EX Gland Kit 20(ss)mm
UKM49452 / A2EX20SK Prysmian A2EX20SK A2EX Gland Kit 20(ss)mm
UKM49453 / A2EX20K Prysmian A2EX20K A2EX Gland Kit 20mm
UKM49455 / A2EX25K Prysmian A2EX25K A2EX Gland Kit 25mm
UKM49456 / A2EX32K Prysmian A2EX32K A2EX Gland Kit 32mm
UKM49457 / A2EX40K Prysmian A2EX40K A2EX Gland Kit 40mm
UKM49459 / A2EX50K Prysmian A2EX50K A2EX Gland Kit 50mm
UKM49461 / A2EX63K Prysmian A2EX63K A2EX Gland Kit 63mm
UKM49462 / A2EX75SK Prysmian A2EX75SK A2EX Gland Kit 75(s)mm
UKM49463 / A2EX75K Prysmian A2EX75K A2EX Gland Kit 75mm
UN472AA51 / 472AA51 Prysmian 472AA51 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 16mm
UN472AA71 / 472AA71 Prysmian 472AA71 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 20(SS)mm
UN472AA52 / 472AA52 Prysmian 472AA52 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 20(S)mm
UN472AA53 / 472AA53 Prysmian 472AA53 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 20mm
UN472AA55 / 472AA55 Prysmian 472AA55 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 25mm
UN472AA56 / 472AA56 Prysmian 472AA56 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 32mm
UN472AA57 / 472AA57 Prysmian 472AA57 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 40mm
UN472AA58 / 472AA58 Prysmian 472AA58 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 50(S)mm
UN472AA59 / 472AA59 Prysmian 472AA59 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 50mm
UN472AA60 / 472AA60 Prysmian 472AA60 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 63(S)mm
UN472AA61 / 472AA61 Prysmian 472AA61 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 63mm
UN472AA62 / 472AA62 Prysmian 472AA62 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 75(S)mm
UN472AA63 / 472AA63 Prysmian 472AA63 E1WF EExd IIC Gland 75mm
UN473AA51 / 473AA51 Prysmian 473AA51 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 16mm
UN473AA71 / 473AA71 Prysmian 473AA71 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 20(SS)mm
UN473AA52 / 473AA52 Prysmian 473AA52 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 20(S)mm
UN473AA53 / 473AA53 Prysmian 473AA53 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 20mm
UN473AA55 / 473AA55 Prysmian 473AA55 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 25mm
UN473AA56 / 473AA56 Prysmian 473AA56 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 32mm
UN473AA57 / 473AA57 Prysmian 473AA57 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 40mm
UN473AA58 / 473AA58 Prysmian 473AA58 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 50(S)mm
UN473AA59 / 473AA59 Prysmian 473AA59 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 50mm
UN473AA60 / 473AA60 Prysmian 473AA60 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 63(S)mm
UN473AA61 / 473AA61 Prysmian 473AA61 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 63mm
UN473AA62 / 473AA62 Prysmian 473AA62 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 75(S)mm
UN473AA63 / 473AA63 Prysmian 473AA63 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 75mm
UN473AA64 / 473AA64 Prysmian 473AA64 E1XF EExd IIC Gland 85mm
U424TW52 / 424TW52 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 20S Gland
U424TW53 / 424TW53 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 20 Gland
U424TW55 / 424TW55 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 25 Gland
U424TW56 / 424TW56 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 32 Gland
U424TW57 / 424TW57 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 40 Gland
U424TW59 / 424TW59 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 50 Gland
U424TW61 / 424TW61 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 63 Gland
U424TW63 / 424TW63 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 75 Gland
U424TW64 / 424TW64 Prysmian ATEX Barr-W 85 Gland
U424TX52 / 424TX52 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 20S Gland
U424TX53 / 424TX53 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 20 Gland
U424TX55 / 424TX55 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 25 Gland
U424TX56 / 424TX56 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 32 Gland
U424TX57 / 424TX57 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 40 Gland
U424TX59 / 424TX59 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 50 Gland
U424TX61 / 424TX61 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 63 Gland
U424TX63 / 424TX63 Prysmian ATEX Barr-X 75 Gland
U424TA53 / 424TA53 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 20 Gland
U424TA55 / 424TA55 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 25 Gland
U424TA56 / 424TA56 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 32 Gland
U424TA57 / 424TA57 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 40 Gland
U424TA59 / 424TA59 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 50 Gland
U424TA61 / 424TA61 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 63 Gland
U424TA63 / 424TA63 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 75 Gland
U424TA64 / 424TA64 Prysmian ATEX Barr-A 85 Gland
U422AL55 / 422AL55 Prysmian 422AL55 CW Aluminium Gland Kit 25mm
U422AL56 / 422AL56 Prysmian 422AL56 CW Aluminium Gland Kit 32mm
U422AL57 / 422AL57 Prysmian 422AL57 CW Aluminium Gland Kit 40mm
U422AL58 / 422AL58 Prysmian 422AL58 CW Aluminium Gland Kit 50(S)mm
U422AL59 / 422AL59 Prysmian 422AL59 CW Aluminium Gland Kit 50mm
U422AL61 / 422AL61 Prysmian 422AL61 CW Aluminium Gland Kit 63mm
UKA41491 / KA41491 Prysmian KA41491 CX Gland Kit 20mm **Mini**
UKA41471 / KA41471 Prysmian KA41471 CX Gland Kit 20(SS)mm
UKA41452 / KA41452 Prysmian KA41452 CX Gland Kit 20(S)mm
UKA41453 / KA41453 Prysmian KA41453 CX Gland Kit 20mm
UKA41455 / KA41455 Prysmian KA41455 CX Gland Kit 25mm
UKA41456 / KA41456 Prysmian KA41456 CX Gland Kit 32mm
UKA41457 / KA41457 Prysmian KA41457 CX Gland Kit 40mm
UKA41459 / KA41459 Prysmian KA41459 CX Gland Kit 50mm
UKA41461 / KA41461 Prysmian KA41461 CX Gland Kit 63mm
UKA41463 / KA41463 Prysmian KA41463 CX Gland Kit 75mm
U423AX52 / AXT20SK Prysmian AXT20SK AXT Gland Kit 20(S)mm
U423AX53 / AXT20K Prysmian AXT20K AXT Gland Kit 20mm
U423AX55 / AXT25K Prysmian AXT25K AXT Gland Kit 25mm
U403KB51 / 403KB51 Prysmian 403KB51 A Type Nylon Gland 16mm Black IP
U403KB53 / 403KB53 Prysmian 403KB53 A Type Nylon Gland 20mm Black IP
U403KW53 / 403KW53 Prysmian A Type Nylon Gland 20mm White IP68
U403KB55 / 403KB55 Prysmian 403KB55 A Type Nylon Gland 25mm Black IP
U403KB56 / 403KB56 Prysmian 403KB56 A Type Nylon Gland 32mm Black IP
U428ET51 / 428ET51 Prysmian 428ET51 Brass Earthtag 16mm
U428ET53 / 428ET53 Prysmian 428ET53 Brass Earthtag 20mm
U428ET55 / 428ET55 Prysmian 428ET55 Brass Earthtag 25mm
U428ET56 / 428ET56 Prysmian 428ET56 Brass Earthtag 32mm
U428ET57 / 428ET57 Prysmian 428ET57 Brass Earthtag 40mm
U428ET59 / 428ET59 Prysmian 428ET59 Brass Earthtag 50mm
U428ET61 / 428ET61 Prysmian 428ET61 Brass Earthtag 63mm
U428ET63 / 428ET63 Prysmian 428ET63 Brass Earthtag 75mm
U428ET65 / 428ET65 Prysmian 428ET65 Brass Earthtag 85/90mm
U428ET66 / 428ET66 Prysmian 428ET66 Brass Earthtag 100mm
U428ET67 / 428ET67 Prysmian 428ET67 Brass Earthtag 110mm
U458ET55 / 458ET55 Prysmian 458ET55 Aluminium Earthtag 25mm
U458ET56 / 458ET56 Prysmian 458ET56 Aluminium Earthtag 32mm
U458ET57 / 458ET57 Prysmian 458ET57 Aluminium Earthtag 40mm
U458ET59 / 458ET59 Prysmian 458ET59 Aluminium Earthtag 50mm
U458ET61 / 458ET61 Prysmian 458ET61 Aluminium Earthtag 63mm
U458ET63 / 458ET63 Prysmian 458ET63 Aluminium Earthtag 75mm
U481AA53 / 481AA53 Prysmian 481AA53 Insulated Adaptor 20mm
U481AA55 / 481AA55 Prysmian 481AA55 Insulated Adaptor 25mm
U481AA56 / 481AA56 Prysmian 481AA56 Insulated Adaptor 32mm
U481AA57 / 481AA57 Prysmian 481AA57 Insulated Adaptor 40mm
U481AA59 / 481AA59 Prysmian 481AA59 Insulated Adaptor 50mm
U481AA61 / 481AA61 Prysmian 481AA61 Insulated Adaptor 63mm
U481AA63 / 481AA63 Prysmian 481AA63 Insulated Adaptor 75mm
U481AA64 / 481AA64 Prysmian 481AA64 Insulates Adaptor 85mm
UKCA47271 / KCA47271 Prysmian KCA47271 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 20ssmm
UKCA47252 / KCA47252 Prysmian KCA47252 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 20smm
UKCA47253 / KCA47253 Prysmian KCA47253 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 20mm
UKCA47255 / KCA47255 Prysmian KCA47255 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 25mm
UKCA47256 / KCA47256 Prysmian KCA47256 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 32mm
UKCA47257 / KCA47257 Prysmian KCA47257 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 40mm
UKCA47258 / KCA47258 Prysmian KCA47258 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 50smm
UKCA47259 / KCA47259 Prysmian KCA47259 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 50mm
UKCA47260 / KCA47260 Prysmian KCA47260 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 63smm
UKCA47261 / KCA47261 Prysmian KCA47261 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 63mm
UKCA47262 / KCA47262 Prysmian KCA47262 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 75smm
UKCA47263 / KCA47263 Prysmian KCA47263 E1WF EExd IIC Gland Kit 75mm
U494AB51 / A2EX16 Prysmian A2EX16 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 16mm
U494AB71 / A2EX20SS Prysmian A2EX20SS A2EX Gland EExde IIC 20(SS)mm
U494AB52 / A2EX20S Prysmian A2EX20S A2EX Gland EExde IIC 20(S)mm
U494AB53 / A2EX20 Prysmian A2EX20 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 20mm
U494AB55 / A2EX25 Prysmian A2EX25 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 25mm
U494AB56 / A2EX32 Prysmian A2EX32 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 32mm
U494AB57 / A2EX40 Prysmian A2EX32 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 32mm
U494AB59 / A2EX50 Prysmian A2EX50 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 50mm
U494AB61 / A2EX63 Prysmian A2EX63 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 63mm
U494AB62 / A2EX75S Prysmian A2EX75S A2EX Gland EExde IIC 75(S)mm
U494AB63 / A2EX75 Prysmian A2EX75 A2EX Gland EExde IIC 75mm
U424TP52 / 424TP52 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 20S Gland
U424TP53 / 424TP53 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 20 Gland
U424TP55 / 424TP55 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 25 Gland
U424TP56 / 424TP56 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 32 Gland
U424TP57 / 424TP57 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 40 Gland
U424TP59 / 424TP59 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 50 Gland
U424TP61 / 424TP61 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 63 Gland
U424TP63 / 424TP63 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 75 Gland
U424TP64 / 424TP64 Prysmian ATEX Barr-PB 85 Gland
U401AA02 / 401AA02 Prysmian 401AA02 PCP Shroud 20(S)mm
U401AA03 / 401AA03 Prysmian 401AA03 PCP Shroud 20mm
U401AA05 / 401AA05 Prysmian 401AA05 PCP Shroud 25mm
U401AA06 / 401AA06 Prysmian 401AA06 PCP Shroud 32mm
U401AA07 / 401AA07 Prysmian 401AA07 PCP Shroud 40mm
U401AA09 / 401AA09 Prysmian 401AA09 PCP Shroud 50mm
U401AA11 / 401AA11 Prysmian 401AA11 PCP Shroud 63mm
U401AA13 / 401AA13 Prysmian 401AA13 PCP Shroud 75mm
U401AA22 / 401AA22 Prysmian 401AA22 PCP Stepped Shroud 20(S)mm
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